About Us

Man's Best Friend

All The Right Stuff is “making vacations less ruff” by caring for pets in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia. We are a family operation that offers pet sitting and walking services as an alternative to traditional kenneling.

We have raised pets together for the over 15 years.  Kenneling was never a concern with our Sheltie, but when we adopted a German Shepherd puppy in 2011 and a Cockapoo in 2012, we struggled with leaving them behind to go on vacation ourselves.  Our dogs hated being kenneled, and we hated paying more for the extra exercise and playtime that high energy dogs need. When we would return, our pets would be hoarse from barking all night, and tired  from not getting any sleep in loud, noisy kennel. They would much rather stay at home and sleep on the couch, rather than be locked in a crate.

“Couches, not crates” became our philosophy. Therefore, we work to provide the happy dogs of suburban Philadelphia the stay-cation they deserve, a stay-cation that accommodates the lifestyle they are accustom too, and a stay-cation that feels like home.