Meet the Pack



For more than 10 years, Barbara worked as a dog obedience instructor and trained owners on how to communicate with their dogs. For the past 20 years, she has worked with animals both as a trainer and owner. Her experience breeding, showing, training, and caring for canine companions has taught her how to understand each dog’s unique personality. Barbara considers herself a full-time nanny for your little buddy; caring for them they way you would yourself. Just think of her as your very own Mrs. Dog-fire, pup-pet!





Katie, a graduate of La Salle University, is our pet hospitality concierge. With a background in travel and management, she specializes in vacation and recreation planning for people and pets alike. Her favorite games are running and fetch.







Holleigh, an Anthropology/German graduate at Temple University, is our resident Pet Entertainment Specialist. She provides entertainment for our guests such as live music and storytelling- she even does all the voices! Holleigh arranges an array of daily entertainment for the pleasure and enjoyment of each of our guests. There’s never a dull moment with Holleigh as the Master of Ceremonies!









Lexy, a Temple University graduate, brings her artistry to light with her talent in Pet Photography. Many of the beautiful photos on our site and Instagram are captured Lexy. She brings out the best in your pet with lots of love and her Nikon camera.








Smallsie Dog is our bebe. He loves car rides with the windows down, falling asleep to Netflix (documentaries in particular), and getting lots of ear scratches. He’s is great at picking out fun toys to play with, and always makes sure snacks and treats are always on hand. In his spare time, Smalls leads our welcoming committee.






Charlie is our handsome German Shepherd who is our self appointed Alpha Dog. As such, his job is to make sure everyone plays nice and has fun. He loves to cruise around in the car and hang with his friends at the dog park. His favorite toy is the Jolly Egg, and his favorite music is a toss up between Bruno Mars and Cotton Eye Joe (depending on his mood).